Can I leave my electric scooter in the car

Yes, but maintain a 40%-80% battery charge and park in shaded areas to protect from extreme temperatures.

Understanding the Risks

Theft and How to Avoid

Despite their slow speed and overall portability, electric scooters are not especially prone to theft. They are inherently vulnerable due to their value and small size. If left in a visible spot inside a car, they can still attract break-ins and potential loss and damage of other items. It is important to invest in proper prevention methods. To reduce the chances of theft, make sure to keep the scooter out of sight by placing it in the trunk or covering it with a car blanket. It is also recommended to use scooter locks, which can be attached either to a part of the car’s interior or to an immovable object. For even better safety, you might want to consider incorporating a car alarm that will notify you right on the spot in case of a robbery.

Parking an electric scooter in a car comes with a few downfalls and potential risks. Understanding each potential inconvenience will secure your two-wheeler’s durability and your overall satisfaction as an electric scooter owner. To properly maintain a scooter, make sure to address and, if possible, prevent the two biggest risks associated with parking in a car—temperature extremes and security breaches. Regular battery and engine checks, punctual preventive measures towards severe heat or cold, and active scooter protection measures are surefire ways to boost its longevity.


Best Practices for Storing Electric Scooters in Vehicles

Ways of securing and precautions

Consider a method to secure your electric scooter properly. There are various straps and harnesses for heavy items specifically, providing additional support. The scooter should be positioned near the side of the trunk or a back seat and secured in position. Protect your car and the scooter from sliding using non-slip mats. It means that extra securing not only maintains the scooter from being damaged but also protects the passengers from any potential risk in case of sudden stops, or car crashes – an unsecured scooter can become a dangerous flying object. The vehicle should be aerated properly in order to prevent the malfunction of batteries.

Ideal conditions and ventilation needs

There are a few optimal conditions relevant to the vehicle itself that will guarantee a longer life of electric scooters’ battery and their electronic components. One of the most widely-spread advice is to keep the temperature of the interior not lower than 20°C and not higher than 25°C . On extremely hot days use sunshades and slightly open windows to ensure proper air circulation and prevent the interior temperature of the car from excessive increases. The purpose of aeration is not only the maintenance of the optimal temperature but also the prevention of any gases that a batteries may emit, considering that they are broken, failing, or damaged. Although any type of lithium-ion batteries is unlikely to become dangerous when stored properly, they can still be hazardous under very rare circumstances. A car is the optimal place to provide enough ventilation for batteries if they are in good condition – maintaining the windows of your car slightly open is likely to be more than enough.


Battery Management While Inside a Car

Managing Battery Charge Levels

When storing the electric scooter in a vehicle for long periods, it is critical that the battery be correctly charged. Most electric scooters are equipped with lithium-ion batteries. Due to the specific properties of this type of battery, the best level of charge is maintained when stored between 40% and 80%. Storing the battery at this charge level minimizes the burden on the battery, preserves the battery lifespan, and uses the battery to expand the charge. If the battery is allowed to charge completely or completely discharge, the wear of the battery cells will accelerate , these storage modes should be avoided. It is important to monitor the battery level on the road and to use a smart charger that stops charging itself . Implementing or charging beyond this lever increases the risk of explosion and fire.

Implications of Vehicle Storage on Battery Longevity

Storing an electric scooter in a vehicle only affects the condition of the scooter battery to a limited extent. The vehicle’s battery gets exposed to extremely high temperatures causing the battery to expire without any warning. Extreme heat can cause the battery to discharge Very quickly and leak acid. For the batteries with the maintenance solution level, one should be careful not to be. The vehicle’s battery also gets Pomised, and the electrolyte gets concentrated. During extremely low temperatures, the battery may fail with the emissions getting freeze to form ice. In case the vehicle needs storage in crowded areas or areas where extreme temperatures get experienced, it might be useful to cover the car with a battery warmer or insulator.

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