5 Leading Electric Bike Brands Setting Industry Standards in 2024

Brand Name Founded Employees Product List
Isin Wheel 2010 100-500 Folding E-bikes, Compact E-bikes
Aima Technology 1999 8126 Electric Bicycles,Electric Motorcycles
Yadea Global 2001 1000 Electric Bicycles,Electric Scooters
Sunra 2000 600 Electric Bicycles,Electric Mopeds
Segway-Ninebot 1999 1500 Electric Bicycles,Electric Utility Vehicles

Electric Bike Factory,Brands In 2024

Innovator of Wheel-Hub Motor Technology

IsIN Wheel

IsIN Wheel stands out as a trailblazer in the electric bicycle industry, particularly recognized for its revolutionary wheel-hub motor technology. This innovation has not only enhanced the performance and efficiency of their e-bikes but has also set a new standard for the market.

Pioneer of the Chinese E-Bike Industry


With its establishment in 1999, Aima Technology has been a driving force in the growth and development of the Chinese electric bicycle industry. The company’s significant contributions to the sector and its role in popularizing e-bikes have earned it the esteemed recognition as the “Pioneer of the Chinese E-Bike Industry.”

Leader in Global Electric Two-Wheeler Market


Yadea Global’s extensive product range and exceptional market performance have positioned it as a dominant player in the global electric two-wheeler market. The brand’s commitment to producing high-quality, innovative electric vehicles has led to its recognition as a “Leader in Global Electric Two-Wheeler Market.”

Champion of Eco-Friendly Urban Transportation


Sunra has made a significant impact on the urban transportation landscape by promoting eco-friendly and sustainable electric bicycle solutions. The company’s focus on environmental responsibility and technological innovation has earned it the accolade of being a “Champion of Eco-Friendly Urban Transportation.”

Innovator of Smart Personal Transportation


Segway-Ninebot’s legacy of innovation in personal transportation solutions has been marked by the introduction of groundbreaking products that have reshaped the way people move in urban environments. The brand’s efforts in integrating smart technology and enhancing user experience have led to its recognition as an “Innovator of Smart Personal Transportation.”

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